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Bluegreen Future Buildings

The display below provides a glimpse of a project being developed by Richard Nelson and myself to produce a mobile demonstration module to be erected at green festivals and other events that focus on sustainable technology. Our initial goal is to have a proof of concept module made by the end of Autumn 2005
Larger tensile skin structures, not shown below, are also being planned to provide sustainable controlled environments for entertainment facilities at similar, outdoor events. We believe Solaroof technology has the potential to shift the common place awning shelter, in all its guises, into a sustainable twenty-first century.
These larger buildings will grow algae within the Solaroof cavities to be refined into biofuel on site. The long term goal is to have buildings that not only can provide a year-round comfortable sustainable environment, but also the fuel each building requires to be transported from venue to venue. This is within the reach of our existing Solaroof technology and we believe it will be a poignant and unequivocal demonstration of the potential for Solaroof technologies to be a major force in the future of sustainable progress.

The Bio-X Tent

Root2Art Acrhitectual Experiments and Sculpture
This sculpture has its origins in the work I done here on tensile skin structures.
If you are like this kind of thing, be sure to visit my other site www.root2art.co.uk and see mycontemporary art and design work

(Deltoidal Icositetrahedron) Stretch Dome

Petal Cluster

Tensegity Hub

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